Oempro v4.14.4 released [21st October 2020]

Email reply monitoring and forwarding

Oempro handles incoming replies to your email campaigns and autoresponders. Oempro can receive replies and forward them to different email addresses based on criteria you set in the admin area > settings > email delivery section. For example, you can set Oempro to forward incoming replies to the support team for your notification emails, set forwarding for the sales team for your marketing email campaigns.

Customizable list-unsubscribe email header

List-unsubscribe email header value can be set separately in the admin > settings > email delivery section.

Autoresponder open and click activity segment rules

You can create segment rules based on autoresponder email open and link click activities.

Smart Amazon SES email delivery rate limiting

Oempro can monitor your Amazon SES rate-limit and adjust email delivery throughput based on your SES rate-limit.

Recipient snapshot during email deliveries

During the email campaign delivery, Oempro takes a snapshot of the recipient (including custom field values) and store it for future reference. “Web browser” view renders the email based on these taken snapshots.

Autoresponder report

You can see time-based email delivery and KPI metrics for your autoresponders. These KPI metrics are grouped by recipient ESP domains.

Ability to disable contact export

You can disable contact export for an impersonated administrator.

Super admin password for data export

You can set a super-admin password to be asked when subscriber data in the impersonated user account is exported.

Delivery server and ESP based delivery performance reporting

You can see system-wide email delivery performance and KPI reporting for each delivery server and ESP in the admin area. A very useful feature for spotting potential delivery issues to specific ESPs and re-routing deliveries to different delivery servers.

IP address logging for open and click activities

This is a preparation for an upcoming geo-location-based segmentation and filtering feature. The IP address of recipients who open an email and clicks a link are stored for future-processing and analysis.

Improved subscription webhook for WordPress and Elementor (and similar) lead forms

The subscription webhook module is improved to support easy (and quick) integration with lead-gen forms such as the WordPress+Elementor plugin.

Personalization support for Journey webhook actions

Webhook action in a Journey can include the subscriber information for more smarter and creative automation setups.

Email campaign/autoresponder click/open action in Journeys

You can trigger a journey when a recipient opens an email (email campaign or autoresponder) or clicks a link inside the email.

Performance optimizations for 1 million+ subscriber lists

We worked with many high-volume customers to make sure that Oempro works perfectly with 30 million+ email addresses and 500 million+ transactions.

Cleanify.io plugin improvements

Cleanify.io plugin has been improved to make sure that invalid email addresses and possible spam traps are filtered during the subscription process and at a later time by running bulk verifications. Performance improvements have been made.

Segment audience count caching

To save system resources and reduce the page rendering time, we have implemented Redis based caching system for segment audience count calculations.

Import utility improvement and pipe (|) character support

The subscriber import utility supports pipe(|) character as column delimiter starting from v4.14.4 release.

Bug fixes

We made several bug fixes, optimizations, and patches in this version.

For any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us via hello@octeth.com