Oempro v4.3.1 release [30th May 2011]

Bug Fixes

  1. [OEMPRO-1194] - Port not stripped from incomming header when checking license
  2. [OEMPRO-1396] - Ignore port checking on running domain check for license
  3. [OEMPRO-1294] - When trying to create a campaign from previous campaign it does not display images.
  4. [OEMPRO-1377] - Email template builder deleting DOCTYPE
  5. [OEMPRO-1392] - Doctype deleted when saving email content builder screen causes IE problems
  6. [OEMPRO-1394] - While doing a custom field with validation on letters, “Jean-Claude van Damme” should be a valid input.
  7. [OEMPRO-1397] - Should display “Email address already exists” error message when trying to change the email address of a subscriber to an another email address that already exists in the list
  8. [OEMPRO-1398] - Bounce notification emails sent even when set as not to
  9. [OEMPRO-1399] - User group theme settings are not saved
  10. [OEMPRO-1402] - Tags are not copied when copying campaigns for repeated sending
  11. [OEMPRO-1403] - “SET NAMES ‘utf8’ query in database connection causing issues with special characters in user interface”
  12. [OEMPRO-1403] - New cron module for cleaning process log causing high database load

Changed Files List

Changed file list compared to previous version.

  1. M cli/bounce.php
  2. M cli/pop3_bounce.php
  3. M data/config.inc.php
  4. M includes/classes/campaigns.inc.php
  5. M includes/classes/core.inc.php
  6. M includes/classes/custom_fields.inc.php
  7. M includes/classes/database_mysql_interface.inc.php
  8. M includes/classes/filesystem.inc.php
  9. M includes/classes/install.inc.php
  10. M includes/classes/statistics.inc.php
  11. M includes/classes/tags.inc.php
  12. M includes/classes/upgrade.inc.php
  13. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_subscriber.php
  14. M templates/weefive/js/iguana.js
  15. M templates/weefive/js/iguana_builder.js
  16. M templates/weefive/languages/en/en.inc.php

Language File Changes

Click here to download diff file for language string changes.