Oempro v4.3.2 release [15th Jun 2011]

Bug Fixes

  1. [OEMPRO-1405] - Issues with upgrade script
  2. [OEMPRO-1407] - MySql error while deleting of User Group
  3. [OEMPRO-1410] - Add shebang line to bounce.php, fbl.php, pop3_bounce.php and pop3_fbl.php
  4. [OEMPRO-1421] - Processed bounce and fbl emails are not deleted from pop3 inbox

Changed Files List

Changed file list compared to previous version.

  1. M cli/bounce.php
  2. M cli/fbl.php
  3. M cli/pop3_bounce.php
  4. M cli/pop3_fbl.php
  5. M includes/api/usergroup.delete.inc.php
  6. M includes/classes/filesystem.inc.php
  7. M includes/classes/upgrade.inc.php
  8. M includes/classes/user_groups.inc.php

Language File Changes

No changes in language file.