Oempro v4.3.3 release [31st Jul 2011]

Bug Fixes

  1. [OEMPRO-1252] - Copying auto responders does not copy attachments
  2. [OEMPRO-1291] - Special characters in email creation wizard looks normal but special characters in template builder are not displayed correctly
  3. [OEMPRO-1376] - ATTACHMENT_MAX_FILESIZE is not working
  4. [OEMPRO-1388] - When there is lots of globally suppressed subscribers, browse screen does not work, needs pagination
  5. [OEMPRO-1413] - Missing language strings
  6. [OEMPRO-1420] - Remove plugin menu hooks from old template engine. No needed and causing problems with signup.php when a plugin is hooked into it
  7. [OEMPRO-1426] - When validation type is changed on local custom fields, database column type is also changed for global custom fields
  8. [OEMPRO-1429] - If email address has a comma in it, generates a mysql error during import process
  9. [OEMPRO-1432] - Segment total calculation is not correct in segment browser screen
  10. [OEMPRO-1436] - Problem with user group header footers on auto responders
  11. [OEMPRO-1437] - Creating auto responders with Firefox’s new version has problems
  12. [OEMPRO-1438] - SMTP Authentication bug on some servers
  13. [OEMPRO-1439] - If there is ’
  14. [OEMPRO-1440] - When creating a new client, only first 25 campaigns are displayed in the screen


  1. [OEMPRO-1189] - Allow administrator to prevent connecting to specific mysql host addresses through subscriber import and list synching
  2. [OEMPRO-1442] - Update tinymce to the latest version
  3. [OEMPRO-1433] - In abuse report emails, show the name of user, list and campaigns; not just IDs
  4. [OEMPRO-1434] - Show subject and from name email address in campaign browser preview screens
  5. [OEMPRO-1443] - Improve Admin > Settings > About page loading performance
  6. [OEMPRO-1431] - Display the links url or name in subscriber activity screen next to the link click activity row

Changed Files List

Changed file list compared to previous version.

  1. M includes/api/autoresponders.copy.inc.php
  2. M includes/api/campaigns.get.inc.php
  3. M includes/api/customfield.update.inc.php
  4. M includes/api/email.update.inc.php
  5. M includes/api/subscribers.search.inc.php
  6. M includes/classes/attachments.inc.php
  7. M includes/classes/core.inc.php
  8. M includes/classes/custom_fields.inc.php
  9. M includes/classes/database_mysql_interface.inc.php
  10. M includes/classes/filesystem.inc.php
  11. M includes/classes/o/bounce/processor.php
  12. M includes/classes/o/email/transport/factory.php
  13. M includes/classes/queue.inc.php
  14. M includes/classes/subscribers.inc.php
  15. M includes/classes/suppression_list.inc.php
  16. M includes/classes/template_engine.inc.php
  17. M includes/classes/transaction_emails.inc.php
  18. M includes/classes/upgrade.inc.php
  19. M includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_about.php
  20. M includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_email.php
  21. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_attachments.php
  22. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_clients.php
  23. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_email.php
  24. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_list.php
  25. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_subscriber.php
  26. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_subscribers.php
  27. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_suppressionlist.php
  28. M includes/system_plugins/plugin_http_agent.php
  29. M templates/weefive/desktop/admin/email_preview.php
  30. M templates/weefive/desktop/admin/settings_about.php
  31. M templates/weefive/desktop/layouts/admin_email_template_editor_header.php
  32. M templates/weefive/desktop/layouts/user_email_content_builder_header.php
  33. M templates/weefive/desktop/layouts/user_email_content_builder_header2.php
  34. M templates/weefive/desktop/layouts/user_email_template_editor_header.php
  35. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/email_content_edit.php
  36. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/email_create_content.php
  37. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/email_preview.php
  38. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/global_suppression_list.php
  39. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/subscriber_edit.php
  40. M templates/weefive/languages/en/en.inc.php
  41. A includes/classes/o/api.php
  42. A templates/weefive/js/tiny_mce_3432/*