Oempro v4.4.0 release [7th May 2012]

Bug Fixes

  1. [OEMPRO-400] - Related emails are not deleted if a list or an auto responder is deleted
  2. [OEMPRO-1350] - Campaign overview pie chart should not be clickable
  3. [OEMPRO-1351] - Template editor breadcrumb does not fit in when there is a deep html tree.
  4. [OEMPRO-1425] - List sync settings are not saved
  5. [OEMPRO-1476] - When a target recipient list of a campaign is deleted, Oempro can not preview that campaign
  6. [OEMPRO-1493] - MySQL error in Lists.Get api command
  7. [OEMPRO-1494] - Warn the user before deleting a subscriber list. Deleting a subscriber list can cause already sent campaigns to give empty previews on browser and empty opened statistics.
  8. [OEMPRO-1495] - Bug in campaign browse page in client area
  9. [OEMPRO-1519] - Zebra rows are rendered wrong in detailed statistics screens
  10. [OEMPRO-1520] - One extra colon mark that needs to be removed from language string
  11. [OEMPRO-1524] - If you create a campaign and then the delete the list for the campaign, you cannot preview the campaign any more.
  12. [OEMPRO-1529] - If you set validation type to “Letters” and even if the field is not mandatory to fill in, validation fails because an empty string does not validate as “Letters”
  13. [OEMPRO-1532] - Subscriber table overflows the content in subscriber browse screen
  14. [OEMPRO-1534] - It is saying “There are no opens yet” under most clicked links title in campaign overview page
  15. [OEMPRO-1546] - Oempro removes CSS styling from email source code
  16. [OEMPRO-1551] - PHP Cli mode can not be detected when php running as cgi-fcgi
  17. [OEMPRO-1556] - Hardcoded text in UI
  18. [OEMPRO-1579] - Image embedding works on preview emails but does not work on real sendings
  19. [OEMPRO-1580] - Conditional personalization does not work on numerical fields and operators
  20. [OEMPRO-1581] - Remove the byte limit in import process
  21. [OEMPRO-1596] - Oempro API bug
  22. [OEMPRO-1603] - On some occassions double return-path is added to outgoing emails
  23. [OEMPRO-1604] - API security flaw
  24. [OEMPRO-1607] - Campaign halt detection plug-in is not working and is not resuming halted campaigns
  25. [OEMPRO-1608] - Still accepting subscriptions and sending double-opt-in confirmation emails from un-trusted, disabled user acounts
  26. [OEMPRO-1605] - Report abuse module problem
  27. [OEMPRO-1613] - “Report Abuse” submission and unsubscription
  28. [OEMPRO-1614] - “Report Abuse” link must be short
  29. [OEMPRO-1617] - SPAM testing is always 0.0
  30. [OEMPRO-1628] - Amazon S3 media library fix
  31. [OEMPRO-1629] - Scheduling campaigns with empty content

New Features

  1. [OEMPRO-1621] - Add “Save” button to the campaign edit page to avoid session time outs
  2. [OEMPRO-1625] - SendGrid integration
  3. [OEMPRO-1627] - Custom Spam Assassin integration
  4. [OEMPRO-1630] - Pre-filled in opt-in confirmation email
  5. [OEMPRO-1631] - Campaign create/date time in draft folder

Changed Files List

Changed file list compared to previous version.

  1. A extras/index.html
  2. A extras/init.php
  3. A extras/sendgrid_processor.php
  4. A extras/spamtest.php
  5. M includes/api/campaign.create.inc.php
  6. M includes/api/email.emailpreview.inc.php
  7. M includes/api/email.spamtest.inc.php
  8. M includes/api/lists.get.inc.php
  9. M includes/api/subscriber.subscribe.inc.php
  10. M includes/api/user.login.inc.php
  11. M includes/classes/api.inc.php
  12. M includes/classes/auto_responders.inc.php
  13. M includes/classes/core.inc.php
  14. M includes/classes/custom_fields.inc.php
  15. M includes/classes/emails.inc.php
  16. M includes/classes/filesystem.inc.php
  17. M includes/classes/filesystem_file.inc.php
  18. M includes/classes/filesystem_ftp.inc.php
  19. M includes/classes/gateway.inc.php
  20. M includes/classes/install.inc.php
  21. M includes/classes/license.inc.php
  22. M includes/classes/lists.inc.php
  23. M includes/classes/media_library.inc.php
  24. M includes/classes/o/bounce/processor.php
  25. M includes/classes/o/email/converter/tostring.php
  26. M includes/classes/o/email/factory.php
  27. M includes/classes/o/fbl/processor.php
  28. M includes/classes/octethcli.inc.php
  29. M includes/classes/personalization.inc.php
  30. M includes/classes/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php
  31. M includes/classes/plugin.inc.php
  32. M includes/classes/pop3_engine.inc.php
  33. M includes/classes/queue.inc.php
  34. M includes/classes/send_engine.inc.php
  35. M includes/classes/split_tests.inc.php
  36. M includes/classes/subscribers.inc.php
  37. M includes/classes/tags.inc.php
  38. M includes/classes/tags2.inc.php
  39. M includes/classes/transaction_emails.inc.php
  40. M includes/classes/upgrade.inc.php
  41. M includes/classes/wrapper.inc.php
  42. M includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_chart.php
  43. M includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_emaildelivery.php
  44. M includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_license.php
  45. M includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_usergroups.php
  46. M includes/frontend/controllers/client/controller_campaigns.php
  47. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_campaigns.php
  48. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_email.php
  49. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_emailcontentbuilder.php
  50. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_list.php
  51. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_medialibrary.php
  52. M includes/frontend/helpers/interface_helper.php
  53. M includes/header.inc.php
  54. M includes/system_plugins/plugin_check_stalled_campaigns.php
  55. M link.php
  56. M report_abuse.php
  57. M templates/weefive/desktop/admin/create_user_group.php
  58. M templates/weefive/desktop/admin/edit_user_group.php
  59. M templates/weefive/desktop/admin/settings_about.php
  60. M templates/weefive/desktop/admin/settings_emaildelivery_delivery.php
  61. M templates/weefive/desktop/admin/settings_integration.php
  62. M templates/weefive/desktop/admin/settings_license.php
  63. M templates/weefive/desktop/help/help_user_subscribersimportdataentry.php
  64. M templates/weefive/desktop/layouts/admin_footer.php
  65. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/campaign_edit.php
  66. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/campaign_overview.php
  67. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/campaigns.php
  68. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/email_content_builder2.php
  69. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/email_create_content.php
  70. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/email_create_copy_campaign.php
  71. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/list_settings.php
  72. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/lists.php
  73. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/subscriber_browse.php
  74. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/subscribers_import_flow_list.php
  75. M templates/weefive/js/iguana_builder.js
  76. M templates/weefive/js/screens/admin/create_user_group.js
  77. M templates/weefive/js/screens/admin/settings_emaildelivery.js
  78. M templates/weefive/js/screens/user/media_library.js
  79. M templates/weefive/languages/en/en.inc.php

Language File Changes

  1. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘0132’] = ‘Integrations’;
  2. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘0316’] = ‘SMTP.com (octeth.smtp.com)’;
  3. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘0374’] = ‘Enter the path of MTA executable file (ex: /usr/sbin/sendmail). Be sure that your website user has full permission to read and write into your MTA queue directory.’;
  4. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘0486’] = 'Enter the FTP path which points to your Oempro installation.
    IMPORTANT: This path maybe different than the root path to Oempro installation.
    Ex: /oempro/ ';
  5. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘0938’] = ‘Are you sure to delete selected lists? Deleting lists can cause already sent campaigns to give empty previews on browser and empty open statistics.’;
  6. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1136’] = ‘If you confirm this delete process, you will never be able to access this list and its statistics again. Deleting a list can cause already sent campaigns to give empty previews on browser and empty open statistics.’;
  7. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1847’] = ‘Not allowed in demo mode’;
  8. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1848’] = ‘Failed to upload media file. You might have exceeded the allowed image file size limit.’;
  9. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1849’] = ’ user account’;
  10. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1850’] = ‘License Expires On’;
  11. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1851’] = ‘Select one of your previously created campaigns below’;
  12. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1852’] = ‘Thank you for subscribing. Please confirm your subscription.’;
  13. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1853’] = “You have just subscribed to our list. You just need to\nactivate your subscription by clicking the link below:\n\n%Link:Confirm%\n\nTo cancel your subscription, simply ignore this email\nor click the following link:\n\n%Link:Reject%”;
  14. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1854’] = ‘Save draft’;
  15. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1855’] = ‘Saving draft…’;
  16. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1856’] = ‘Email content is saved as draft. When you are finished with the content, use the NEXT button below.’;
  17. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1857’] = ‘Email content is saved’;
  18. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1858’] = ‘Date created’;
  19. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1859’] = ‘Delete confirmation email’;
  20. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1860’] = ‘Cockpito explanation’;
  21. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1861’] = ‘Cockpito’;
  22. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1862’] = ‘Are you sure to delete confirmation email of this list?’;
  23. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1863’] = ‘3rd Party Mail Servers’;
  24. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1864’] = ‘SendGrid.com’;
  25. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1865’] = ‘Local Mail Servers’;
  26. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1866’] = ‘Remote Mail Servers’;
  27. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1867’] = ‘Please enter your SendGrid account username’;
  28. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1868’] = ‘Please enter your SendGrid account password’;
  29. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1869’] = ‘PostmarkApp.com’;
  30. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1870’] = ‘Postmark API Key’;
  31. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1871’] = ‘Please enter one of the available API keys in your Postmark account rack settings’;