Oempro v4.5.1 release [29th August 2012]

Bug Fixes

  1. [OEMPRO-1709] - Users see each others’ media library files (when browsing the root folder only)
  2. [OEMPRO-1710] - All spaces are converted to � symbols when creating an email template

Changed Files List

Changed file list compared to previous version.

  1. M includes/api/medialibrary.browse.inc.php
  2. M includes/api/medialibrary.foldercreate.inc.php
  3. M includes/api/medialibrary.folderdelete.inc.php
  4. M includes/classes/o/mapper/medialibraryfile.php
  5. M includes/classes/o/mapper/medialibraryfolder.php
  6. M includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_emailtemplates.php
  7. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_emailtemplates.php
  8. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_medialibrary.php