Oempro v4.5.3 release [30th October 2012

Bug Fixes

  1. [OEMPRO-1690] - Validation problem when proceeding to email editor in campaign creation process
  2. [OEMPRO-1742] - Bug in segment editor
  3. [OEMPRO-1745] - Global custom field information is not updated if no local custom field information given in Subscriber.Update API command
  4. [OEMPRO-1746] - Conditional personalization within links does not work
  5. [OEMPRO-1749] - When image embedding is disabled globally it does not remove it from all campaign types. For example it still seems to be an option for Fetch From URL campaigns.
  6. [OEMPRO-1756] - Send engine does not update campaign last activity date time before starting to remove suppression list removal process
  7. [OEMPRO-1758] - When a campaign is created, last activity date time should be updated
  8. [OEMPRO-1759] - Smart suppression queue removal and suppression list queue removal should done separately. UNION query is very slow.
  9. [OEMPRO-1762] - Segment size not updating after editing its rules
  10. [OEMPRO-1763] - Remember login cookie is not secure

New Features

  1. [OEMPRO-1747] - Ability to resume campaign wizard session
  2. [OEMPRO-1761] - Along with bounce, spam report and unsubscribe events, sendgrid_processor should process the “invalid emails” event

Changed Files List

Changed file list compared to previous version.

  1. M extras/sendgrid_processor.php
  2. M includes/api/admin.login.inc.php
  3. M includes/api/campaign.create.inc.php
  4. M includes/api/client.login.inc.php
  5. M includes/api/user.login.inc.php
  6. M includes/classes/personalization.inc.php
  7. M includes/classes/queue.inc.php
  8. M includes/classes/suppression_list.inc.php
  9. M includes/classes/upgrade.inc.php
  10. M includes/classes/wizard.inc.php
  11. M includes/cli/include_send.inc.php
  12. M includes/cli/include_web_send.inc.php
  13. M includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_index.php
  14. M includes/frontend/controllers/client/controller_index.php
  15. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_campaign.php
  16. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_email.php
  17. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_index.php
  18. M includes/frontend/controllers/user/controller_segment.php
  19. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/campaign_create.php
  20. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/email_create_content.php
  21. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/email_create_import.php
  22. M templates/weefive/desktop/user/segment_create.php
  23. M templates/weefive/languages/en/en.inc.php

Language File Changes

  1. $ArrayLanguageStrings[‘Screen’][‘1916’] = ‘We noticed that you were creating a campaign but have not finished all the steps. To continue creating the campaign “%s”, click here.’;