How to get new user signups to your ESP?

There are two ways for getting new user signups to your ESP. The first way works out-of-box but it’s limited when it comes to flexibility. The second way is a lot more flexible and gives you the opportunity to integrate the signup system to your marketing website, lead pages, sales funnels, etc.

In this article, you will learn how to get new user signups using these two methods:

First Method: User Signup Form

Login to the Oempro admin panel. Go to Settings > ESP Settings section. On this page, enable user sign-up feature and customize the settings accordingly.

It’s important to enable the user signup feature on this page. Once you are done, save the settings.

The next step is pointing your call to action buttons and links to the user signup form:

Probably, you will want to customize the look-n-feel of the user sign-up form. The template file of the user signup page can be found under:


Don’t forget to take a backup of the signup.tpl file before customizing it.

Second Method: User.Signup API End-Point

The most flexible way is to use the User.Signup API end-point. This approach gives you ability to connect the user signup system to any marketing website, sales funnel, lead gen form, or any third party system. The downside is, it requires some development on your end.