How to setup the Email Delivery Server in Oempro 4.9


Has anyone being able to successfully setup the new delivery server option in Oempro. I have tried to setup the same but the DNS test shows that the test is under processing and the results are showing as failed.

I am also

I am sharing screenshots with this post and any inputs or walkthrough of the setup process will be appreciated.

Hi @diademtech, congratulations for your first post on our community area…

Quick question, do you receive the “test email” to your admin account email address even though you get failure test result?

If you are not getting that test email, it means that your mail server is rejecting the email. It can be a relaying access failure. Are you sure is allowed in relaying settings of your mail server?

Also, make sure that [Admin Area] / [Settings] / [Email Delivery] / “Centralized Sender Domain” is empty.

Hi @cemhurturk,

The centralised sender domain is disabled and the domain is allowed to relay through the external host.
When I put the same external mta settings in the user group settings and keep the delivery channel as disabled, then the emails are getting sent but it doesn’t work when I enable the delivery channel.

Is there any way we can view why the emails are rejected from the oempro logs?

It’s probably because of custom sender domains you set under “Domains” tab of the delivery server. MFROM domain might be the reason. Unfortunately, Oempro doesn’t keep a log of these failed delivery attempts.

The only way is to edit includes/frontend/controllers/admin/controller_deliveryservers.php file and follow these steps:

  1. Find function x_dns_test line
  2. Search for // Email delivery testing comment line
  3. There is $Result = SendEngine::SendEmail(); line below this comment line, line #247 for Oempro v4.9.1 version.
  4. After this line, write print_r($Result); and save it.
  5. On your web browser, open the console, and switch to Network > XHR monitoring.
  6. Click “Test Settings” button and look for the response of the x_dns_test request response.

Let’s see if this will give us a hint about the potential reason.

Hi @cemhurturk,

I have enabled the xhr monitoring and I am getting a 404 page not found error as per below screenshot.

Request URL:
Request Method:POST
Remote Address:
Status Code: 404
Referrer Policy:no-referrer-when-downgrade

I have kept the disabled friendly urls in /data/ as the server is unable to load CSS files if I keep this enabled and the above request url, doesn’t have the index.php? string included which could be the reason why this issue is happening.

Please let me know if we can fix this on the oempro code.

@diademtech thanks for the detailed info. Yes, the reason is disabled friendly URL’s. Why do you have CSS problem when it’s enabled?

I will forward this issue to our dev team and we will consider an update for disabled URL’s case in the coming update. But until then, you can either wait or we can work on enabling friendly URL’s for your installation.

How would you like to proceed?

@cemhurturk, I think we can wait a couple of weeks if the new patch is being released else we will have to work on resolving the friendly urls issue at our end. I can also share the FTP and server login details in case you want to login and have a look at enabling this on our install?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks @diademtech. Unfortunately, we can’t promise a release date for our future versions, but we will do our best.

In the meantime, please contact our support team via and provide us;

  • admin login information
  • FTP access info (or SSH)

Our support team will give a try for a quick patch and get back to you.

Ok @cemhurturk I have sent the details to support team so they can check and revert. Thanks for the help.

Okay, perfect. We will check and get back to you soon.