Reseting user passwords

If you are upgrading from v4.5.x or older versions, the new password mechanism in v4.6.0 release will affect your users and they will not be able to login unless they reset your password.

However, asking your users to reset their passwords can be a real headache. To simply this process, we included a script in Oempro package which will scan all user accounts, reset their passwords and email them new passwords.

To run this script, simply login to the server which hosts Oempro via SSH or telnet. After logging in, go into the Oempro directory. You will see “extras” directory. Go into “extras” directory.

In “oempro/extras” directory, there’s a file named as “prfau.php”. Edit this file and comment the “exit” line on the top of the code. Then run this PHP script on your command line:

$ php ./prfau.php

This script will scan all your users, change their passwords with randomly generated passwords and email them their new passwords.

IMPORTANT! Once this script is executed, it will scan all user accounts and change their passwords with randomly generated passwords. Before running this script, be sure that you want to change user passwords.