How to create a delivery server for Amazon SES?

The process is quite straightforward and similar to creating a delivery server for a regular SMTP server.

Before logging into your Oempro admin area, make sure that you have gathered your SMTP username/password from Amazon SES account. Also, copy the authorized email address in your SES account.

Login to your Oempro admin area. Click “Settings” and then click “Delivery Servers” section on the left menu:

Click “Create delivery server link”:

Follow these steps:

  1. Give a name to your delivery server
  2. Enter the SMTP host address of your SES account (ex:
  3. Enter the SMTP port (ex: 587)
  4. Choose TLS for the security.
  5. Set connection timeout to 10 seconds
  6. Choose Authentication required option for the authentication method
  7. Enter your username and password you have gathered from your SES account

Click Domains tab.

  1. Enter the open and link tracking domains (they can be the same). If you haven’t set a custom domain for link tracking, simply enter your Oempro domain
  2. Enter the authorized email address to the MFROM Domain field
  3. Enter the authorized email address to the Enforced From Email Address field

Click Create button.

If you have set a new domain for tracking, please refer to this article to learn how to make it ready for Oempro.

Thanks Cem,

I’ll keep this in mind when I get to that stage.